Merchant Tools

Merchant Tools

Does your website cost exceed its return? An Associate program is a great way to add revenue and reputable tools to your site. Below are a list of programs that can get your to accepting payments for hard goods, e-products, site search, basically anything you want to sell online. Don’t have a website? Try Sitesell.

Amazon- This is the Largest online retailer with the most affiliates online. Sell books, magazine, cameras, whatever you desire. With Amazon’s programs like Marketplace, Associate, or Publishers Advantage, there is a lot of opportunity. In addition they offer web service tools to add value to your site.

Alexa- Add a ticker, toolbar and other tools to keep count of your traffic and add value to your site.

Barnes and Noble- Second largest online bookseller, sign up for the affiliate program and sell books and media related products over your site.

Blognetwork- Start blogging today! It is a great way to stay connected and tell YOUR story. Blogs are a great marketing tool to add value to your content and increase traffic to your site. – Sell custom shirts, hats, coats etc. Through each affiliate can create and design their custom products to be sold on the web. A small fee covers custom goods through your website. – Print on demand publisher offers a suite of services for clients. Check the site to find the right option for you.

Credit Card Program – Accept major credit cards on your site and increase by 25%! – Accept secure payments over your site. Paypal can be set up in minutes and increases the value of your site to visitors. – Sell digital products online. offers secure download of digital products along with order fulfillment. Your e-book, e-doc, e-audio or art could already be selling online! – Excellent website host and design offers great information and services such as e-zines, search engine submittal and more at a great price. Check out the site for details. – Google offers site and web search tools for your website. In addition you can join Adsense and increase your value and revenue.