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My first thoughts and the attempt of online success were a myth. As an author and publisher, I thought I could just put up a store, a book cover and a list of events and articles. Everyone would want my book because it was available on the web.

Soon I realized no one came to my site because I gave visitors little reason to stay if they did not want my book. As a result my first site failed because I couldn't afford. Now my passion for writing has helped fuel my business.



SBI helped me tweak the mishaps, concentrate on my business and learn my online audience.

The Net offers amazing income-generating potential that can set you on the road to personal and financial independence. SBI! eLearning teaches you how to start and build a thriving online venture based on something you know and love.

The most cited reason for small business failure is a lack of planning. SBI! eLearning helps you plan for the short and long term.

Learn how to organize your entrepreneurial ideas into a concrete online business.

More than 40,000 entrepreneurs have followed Solo Build It!'s step-by-step process to build Web sites on their own.

Most school systems teach very little about being an entrepreneur online. Enter SiteSell Education and SBI! eLearning. Take the class and "graduate" with an income earning e-business.

Over the past two years, SiteSell has offered the "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet" course in universities and colleges around the world - Australia, Canada and America, just to name a few. SBI! eLearning was developed to meet the demand from those unable to take a class in their own community.

Minimize your business expenses while adding to your bank account.

With SBI! eLearning you'll get feedback from other entrepreneurs, just like you, who recognize the amazing income-generating potential of the Net.

You'll learn how to write in a way that builds relationships, creates community and pulls in Search Engines.

SBI! eLearning is taught online via live audio and a virtual blackboard. You'll meet each week to work with your instructor and classmates.

Start as a student, graduate as an online entreprenuer! Learn more at the link below.


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