Book galley

Book galley is used to generate publicity and market your book before it is published. The galley is sent to reviewers, booksellers, magazines and distributors to provide them the opportunity to make decisions about your book.

Publishers produce and send 10-500 galleys as part of their prepublication marketing campaign and to generate buzz about the book before it hits the bookshelves. Small Independent publishers send between 10- 25. Galleys, arc’s (advanced reading copies) and bound manuscripts all serve the same purpose but, differ in the way they are presented.

A bound manuscript is a printed 8’11 typeset and spiral bound, acceptable by most publishing industry professionals.

A book galley is cut and bound like a book. Most galleys have typed title or cardstock cover.

Advanced reading copy or ARC is bound and cut to look like a book. The advanced reading copy has a full color cover and can be produced at home or by a commercial printer.

Bound Manuscript

1. Print the typeset manuscript from your computer. 2. Bind the manuscript with binding tape or punch holes in left column and spiral bind

Book Galley

1. Print the typeset manuscript from your computer. 2. Use the cutter to make cut the manuscript down to the size of a book. The he following cuts are to create a tradebook or 5.5x8.5. 3. Each cut should go counter clockwise. Put the manuscript upright and cut #1 at 7 inches. Turn and cut #2 at 9.5 inches. Turn and cut #3 at 5.5 inches and cut #4 at 8.25 inches.

4. Punch holes with hole puncher or binder.

5. Add the spiral bind.

Advanced Reading Copy

The advanced reading copy is the same process as the book galley, however, the full color cover is added and bound.

The galley is essential to the prepublication marketing mix. If the task is too daunting, you can outsource the job to a company that prints galleys or wait until the book is printed and risk not getting exposure in the larger markets.

Art Official Media LLC can produce bound manuscripts, galleys and ARC’s for between 1-10 at an affordable price and incredible turnaround time of 48-72 hours. If you are not interested in our service, you can contact your local printer or preview the list below.