Book Launch Party

Book Launch Party

The most effective way to launch your book or release is a book party. What better way to get people excited or relate to the experience of your book?

A Book Launch Party consists of Art Official Media LLC arranging for book clubs and readers to join the author at a specified location. Depending on the author/audience and the type of book, the location could be a restaurant, library, bookstore, lounge or even a home.

The book party gets people excited about your book and combines the most effective type of promotion, word of mouth and media. For published authors looking to spark sales, the book party can be one of the of the most profitable.

We have had clients that have had outstanding book party launches with only the assistance of our 25 Ways to Conduct an Book Launch Party. We hope you have a great book party regardless. But, it helps to have a helping hand. That's where we come in and help you reach the book launch's prospective goals.

Art Official Media LLC can only provide face to face assistance with Maryland, DC and VA areas, therefore, the Ebook was created to allow authors and publishers outside the area an effective way to generate grassroot buzz for their books.

As an added service to the MD/DC and VA areas, Art Official Media LLC can stream the event with a virtual book signing and allow visitors to interact in the chat room. The author will be interviewed on the air or allow readers to talk 2-3 minute Skype sessions for 1-hour.

While the options are left to the author, the party can provide trivia, games or anything else that is discussed before the custom plan is created. While Art Official Media LLC can only offer book launch party services to the local market, all authors and publishers are able to perform virtual book signings.

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The author has the option to perform a live reading from the book too. The author invites their entire network to join in the party. Reviewers or people who have read the book, will call into the show to add support or to discuss the book. The author chats in the chat room during the interview, answering questions there as well.

If needed, Art Official Media LLC make the event memorable, record it along with testimonials or pictures.

We hope to work with you.