Book Party

The book party is one of he most effective ways to get people excited about your book. The location of the party as much to do with the book / author but a great turnout can be achieved at minimal cost.

The success of of your book party had much to do with the marketing, publicity and promotion efforts that you perform BEFORE the party takes place. Flyers, email blast, postcards, and a press release will help reach the largest audience for your book party.

Although many times the party is for a book launch, a party can be held at anytime after a book is published. The party creates a memorable experience and allows the author the opportunity to connect with readers.

Marketing, publicity and web promotion for your event is necessary. And a virtual book signing or streaming of your event to an audience online can provide viral new media coverage that will get your book noticed. Art Official Media LLC can help you get your party done to your satisfaction.

Allow Art Official Media LLC to make your book launch party or book party a memorable event!

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