College lesson plans

College lesson plans are one of the most difficult aspects of teaching at the university. The process is overwhelming if you have never taught or trained before. On this page you will find resources to make your experience easier.

Instructors get free books to review and have students purchase for class. Use the list below to register for educational publisher catalogs. Browse the catalog and order desk copies to help plan your course.


St. Martins/Bedford -

Wiley -

Random House - -charges $3 per copy. -The chronicle of education provides a list of scholar publishers. Go to their website pages and locate the requirements for examination copies, then follow the guidelines to receive your books.

Use websites below to locate supplement content for your class and provide different learning styles to your students. The websites below provide lesson plans, handouts and activities to manage your class.

If you register, you may upgrade your online access.

Lesson Plans and online course resources

Re: Writing

Adjunct Central –

If have difficulty writing lesson plans, purchase our book College Lesson Plans. The text includes one year of Freshman English lesson plans and additional websites to supplement your teaching experience.

In addition check your university for professional development opportunities that may have free workshops to plan your course or lessons. If you come past resources that can be useful, send an email and post.