D Bomb

Dirt Bomb Biography

Talented, confident and energetic, Dirt Bomb is a serious triple threat to the music industry as an MC, Ghost writer, and entrepreneur. A master lyrist, he grew up in Chicago’s recently discovered gold mine of hip-hop artists. The precision and fire in his lyrics and the star studded cut of his stage presence is a vital part of D-Bomb.

Everything he does he does well. Whether he's telling a story about his label problems like “Dirt Bomb off ya Shoulders” – an emotionally charged track on the mix tape (produced by Timberland) – or flashing his skills over a number of unreleased Kanye West tracks, D-Bomb is a high quality example of everything positive in Chicago’s hip-hop scene.

Music was a part of his life from an early age. By the time D-Bomb reached his teens, he recorded two albums with his crew T.S.P., Look What the Wind Blew In and Takin Suckas Profitz and recorded an album with his brother and sister, Ope-Ski and Aries, on their own label, Deadwood Music, Inc., called Family Affair. The combination of these three things got him a record deal with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Philthy Rich Records. This brake moved him to Las Vegas to record his first solo album.

“Pretty Boy [Floyd Mayweather, Jr.] feels Dirt Bomb is the perfect artist to introduce Philthy Rich to the world. Dirt is seasoned and hungry.” – SOURCE Magazine, April 2002. After recording a classic album for Philthy Rich Records which featured some of the biggest names in the rap game, (Too Short, Styles P, from the LOX, and Devin Tha Dude) Dirt Bomb’s album was still not released. This is why he decided to walk away from the label, hit the studio with his own money and press up D-Bomb the Mix tape.

His lyrical skills, sharp business sense and striking personal presence are as honed as the metaphorically driven lyrics he offers up, like wine, in D-Bomb the Mix tape Vol. 1. Independently selling over 20,000 copies of his mix tape in less then a year he has not only an international fan base but is loved locally by the city he now lives in, Las Vegas. But Dirt Bomb says after being in a bad contract already, that “It’s not about getting a deal anymore, it’s about getting the right deal”. Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently signed a release for Dirt Bomb from his Label Philthy Rich Records in May 07.

In less then one year Dirt Bomb has started his own record company D-BOMB ENT, put up an incredible website WWW.DBOMB.NET, did one west coast tour, (40 cities San Diego, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, etc.) one international tour,(18 countries Paris, Germany, Sweden, Amsterdam etc.) with the Alkaholiks, executive produced his first solo album “I’m a Beast”, (features songs with Kool G Rap, Stic Man from Dead Prez, Tha Alkaholiks, Nepolean from the Outlawz, production by Scott Storch and Mike Dean) and has a DVD coming out that documents everything he has done in the last year, including his most important accomplishment of all, having his very first child, a beautiful baby boy.

Dirt Bomb was featured on Scarface’s last album My Balls and My Word. (Released Summer 2004 - Track # 4 called Bitch Nigga featured. Scarface, Bum B of UGK, Dirt Bomb and Z-Ro) The CEO of Rap A lot Records, J. Prince gave him the chance to not only rap with one of the greatest MC’s in the game, but also be exposed to over a million loyal fans. He is currently working on D-Bomb the mix tape Vol. 2, a new solo album called “Born Sinner” and Aries solo album ‘Inspiration”.

D-Bomb takes credit for every lyric that he spits. A healthy confidence in self and mature intelligence to match, his delivery and content are a cut above the average hip-Hop MC. With several deals on the table, more touring with the Alkaholiks to look forward to, and a solid solo album I’d say Dirt Bomb is enjoying being an entrepreneur. But things could always be better. Holla atcha boy 702 296-0378.