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1 Art Official Media LLC Announces Publication of 'Blackface' a Debut Novel by Q.B. Wells. Read press release at: Send2Press
2 Art Official Media gets major overhaul of website design by Honlee Beattie of Nisa WebDesigns. Check it out!
3 Blackface book published in September, distributed through Lightning Source.

Purchase the book in our Urban Media Store or from Amazon.com by clicking on the link below.


4 Art Official Media signs first author Q.B. Wells
5 Dirt Bomb releases CD available in stores now!
6 Art Official Media signs
author Anieshea Dansby.
7 Art Official Media signs
author Kumar Shrestha.
8 Art Official Media signs Jordan Belcher.
9 Art Official Media announces
American Graffiti Anthology.
10 Art Official Media announces
Web Video Service.



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Doughboy by QBWells

yellow strip

When the towers fell, the cocaine drought spouted and as the dope trickled in again, the price of cocaine was twice as high. Knee deep in the dope game, Doughboy depends on cocaine to survive and if he doesn t get some dope soon, he will lose his life: clientele, the people that work for him and the family structure he has worked so many years to provide for.

Doughboy gets a hold of some bad dope and has to decide to either stay local or go out of town. His Mexican connect won t give back the money or take back the dope so Doughboy bites the hand that feeds him and sends his workers, V-Dubb and Bill to get his money back. With a bounty on his head and considered a renegade, Doughboy gets back on track. He is focused and feared but, during a drug deal he is arrested for possession and his house is raided.

Out of jail on bond, Doughboy must find out who snitched and dispose of them or go to jail. Can h e find the snitch before he runs out of time or loses his life?

Doughboy is a crime novel about the love of money, and the depths of betrayal and redemption.

To get the exclusive shorts from Doughboy by Q.B. Wells, signup for the Urbania Magazine on the homepage.

Pre-order at Amazon

Web artofficialmedia.com






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