Free Movie Websites

Free movie websites

Free movie websites are the best thing since the sliced bread. When the recession hit, my pockets were low and I needed a way to cure my film fix. This list provides links to the sites I found that allow you to watch feature films. Some films are playing at the movies (how they got them I don’t know) and others older films that can be viewed.

Most of the time you can watch most of the movies, I’ve experienced a few times that the movie cut off ¾ the way through. The quality of the movies vary from poor to excellent, check the comments to read what others think of the movie quality.

If you like the film, go buy the DVD or take a buddy to the movies in order to provide some entertainment dollars to the company that produced it. We all have to do our part to keep the dollars circulating.

If the hour or two of movie watching provides quality free entertainment, make a comment or review the film. Either way enjoy yourself while watching movies on your desktop.

you must visit this site for HD Quality Movies and many more on Mediafire links with high speed and resume able links to download free

For Rapidshare,Megaupload and many more...... other links are available here to download - free movies from public domain that can be downloaded and burned to DVD.

Enjoy watching you movies.