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blackface book cover

“Captivating, raw and uncensored...”
- The Weekly Press

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To protect his mother, teenager Clinton Ray a.k.a. Black must run away from his home. Forced to mingle with the worst elements and conditions of urban life, he meets Face, Penny and Zero. Together they fend for the American Dream.

Inevitably, experience provokes Black to observe his friends, his lifestyle and his own aspirations. In his journey of self-discovery, Black must learn how to survive on the streets of Chicago, alter his life decisions or perish in the confusion of life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is Art Official Media LLC a publisher or service provider?

Both. AOM publishes and distributes books sold throughout the U.S and a few stores in the U.K. Paperbacks we publish and distribute are included in our catalog.

We distribute ebooks and if needed offer a ebook conversion service for authors. We offer other author services to assist in the publishing process. Our ebooks are sold in additional countries. Ebook retailers include ibookstore, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Sony.

Download the Art Official Media brochure for services.

2. How many books does Art Official Media LLC publish?

We are a traditional publisher and distributor. Download our catalog here. We publish 7-10 titles a year and distribute books / ebooks for small press with 20 titles or less. 

We accept manuscripts twice a year (January/July)

Learn more about out us in our company information section.

3. What happens if my book is accepted for publication with Art Official Media LLC?

If the book is accepted for publication, there is no cost involved to the author. We cover all production and distribution of the book. The author is still responsible to assist  with marketing / publicity of the book.  We work together on that. The more collaboration the better.

If the book is not accepted but we like the idea (or finished book), we offer author services.  This may or may not include distribution. 

If offered a contract, it may be for ebooks, paperbacks or both. If only distribution, the publisher will need to take care of all costs to produce and market the book.  We offer publicity services, products and consultation on how to get through the process.

Note: There are no advances given to AOM authors but the author receives a higher royalty.

4. How much does distribution cost the publisher? Does this include digital distribution?

Distribution will cost the publisher 70% of the retail price.  Ebook distribution will cost 50% of the retail price. Each contract is different and do not have to be signed together.

5. What marketing, publicity and promotion services does Art Official Media LLC offer to authors?

  • We offer authors a press release and distribution service
  • We offer a media kit service
  • We offer video promotion service
  • We offer a premium wordpress template
  • Book of the Month with Urbania Magazine promotion
  • Sponsorship

6. How do I get started with the author services offered by Art Official Media LLC?

Locate the service and exactly what you need and pay via PayPal. You will receive an email with instructions on what to send. You can also pay on the bottom of the homepage.

7. How do I order Art Official Media books?

Visit our online bookstore or purchase from Amazon or BN.  All of our books are available for download via Nook, Kindle and IPad

8. How do I book Art Official Media LLC authors for book club meetings, events and speaking engagements?

Contact us with the information, dates and what is needed. You can fill out a contact form here.

9. How do I order books wholesale?

Art Official Media LLC books are available via Baker and Taylor and Ingram.  You can also contact us via email for orders of 10 or more.  We offer a 50% discount and we will send you an invoice for payment.

Visit our page for wholesale orders, terms and contact.

10. How do I request an interview with Art Official Media authors?

Indicate which author you want to interview and the specifics and details about your organization.  You can look at our press room for details and past interviews. 

Web artofficialmedia.com






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