Media Reviews


Media reviews are provided for independent pubishers, self-published authors/writers, music labels, film producers and visual artist.

We publish the most compelling reviews in the "The Art" Magazine, an online publication distributed to key media and publishing industry contacts.

Showcased in the magazine is the diverse talent of artists. In addition, contact information is provided so appearances and bookings can be sceduled.

To submit a media product for review, Art Official Media LLC, requires the following:

1. Finished copy of product (Book, CD, film, magazine, web site or visual art.)

2. An accompanying publicity release or media kit.

Allow four to six weeks for review. Upon review the publisher will be contacted and a copy of the review will be furnished for your records.


Become a reviewer! Art Official Media reviewers gain great publicity and add publishing creditials to their writer's porfoliio. Help develop the Art Official Media top 50 websites into a top resource for urban marketers on the Web.

To become a reviewer, send us the review of media you desire to write. We will contact you if we publish the review.

Reviews are published on the artists website and will be considered for The Art Magazine.

Note: All media reviewers hold all rights to their work and are free to submit publish it as they see fit.

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