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Top 50 Urban Marketing Sites

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Book Reviews

Marketing your product is a crucial aspect to a successful company life; essential to an efficient publisher’s business.

Sending your book to a reviewer from one of the major publications listed below might alter your way of life!

Start by sending your product to the most specific media market. For example, contact all African Amerian media and local papers. I've listed all African American media outlets for those who seek to market in the same manner. To add more to the list, contact us.

Most reviewers listed may not be for your book. Use this as a start point. Research each site for the appropriate editor when your book matches.

Note: Never send an unsolicited manuscript! If the editor knows your package is coming there is a better chance it will be read and lead to a review. Make sure to handwrite your labels and when possible, think of creative ways to differentiate your package.

- Q.B. Wells, Author of Blackface, Editor of The Urbania Magazine

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Baltimore Sun - Baltimore newspaper posts book reviews a couple times a week. For submission and guidelines go to visit the site.

Booklist – An American Library Association, reviews about 7000 books a year. Published biweekly, they review any book of interest to the public library, including fiction, nonfiction, children’s and young adult books and reference. Send two copies or galleys as soon as available. Check site for address and correct editor and submission procedures.

Chicago Review - Reviews unpublished works due to be published. Geared toward the arts. Check out the website for submission guidelines.

Chicago Tribune Books - Reviews fiction and nonfiction. Send review copies to edior, Chicago Tribune Books. Check the website.

Choice Magazine Publication - Reviews over 6000 books per year. Published by the Association of College and Research libraries, they review any book suitable for college undergraduate libraries.
Note: They only review finished books, psychology, medicine, travel, or children’s topics. Research the correct editor and submit your finished book to the appropriate address.

Horn Book Magazine – Children’s literature magazine reviews about 400 young adult books per year. Send two finished books or galley copies to editor. Check site for submission guidelines.

Kirkus Reviews – A prepublication review for booksellers, librarians, agents and publishers, this biweekly newsletter reviews 80-100 books per issue, 2500 books a year. Submit any fiction or nonfiction except poetry, mass paperbacks, picture books for toddlers. They like to see galley copies two to three months in advance. Check guidelines and address at the site.

Library Journal – Magazine reviews about 5000 books a year. Published monthly, they will review any library appropriate book. No textbooks, children’s books, or highly specialized books. Send finished book or galley four months before publication date.

Los Angeles Times Book Review – Publication review 2000 books a year, both fiction and nonfiction. Send review copies to the correct editor.

New York Review of Books – This general public tabloid reviews 1000 books a year. They also pay serial rights to print the excerpts.

Publishers Weekly - Trade magazine for booksellers, librarians, and publishers. Published weekly, this magazine reviews 5000 books a year. They review everything except reference books. Send galley copies at least four months before publication date.

San Francisco Chronicle Review – This publication reviews 1000 book reviews per year. They like all books about California publishers and authors. Send advance copies the address.

School Library Journal - Magazine review 2500 books a year. They will review any book for school library use. Unfortunately, they don’t review any books after the publication date. Plus, they do not review textbooks, parenting titles or books for teachers.

USA Today – Published daily, this paper reviews fiction and nonfiction. Further, books are showcased in the sports, money, life sections, and news stories and regular features. Send review copies to their address.

Voice Literacy Supplement – Village Voice Newspaper insert reviews all books but prefer literary fiction. Check guidelines and submit to address.

Washington Post Book World – Part of the Sunday Post, this insert reviews about 2000 books a year. They review general fiction and nonfiction books. Check the website for guidelines.

Wall Street Journal – National business newspaper reviews a book a day. Check out the site for submission guidelines.

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These sites provide a way for you to sell books outside your website and email. Work with some of these online services to increase your profits.

Amazon.com - The most referenced online bookseller and retailer of book related products. You can use their services to add value to your and reputation to your site and sell more books. Scroll down to the $$$ or look just type //www.amazon.com

America Online - The lead online service provider. The forums and departments can be used to sell books. The Book Report offers book news, live chats and online readings. Most events are announced to the 50, 000 mailing list. Contact the editor (212) 246-3100 or email; bookpage@aol.com

Salon.com – An interactive magazine of books, literature and ideas. Has partnered with more sites than I can list. Very Popular. Look at the site for submission guidelines.

The Mining Company - A internet guide, has witty book section that features reviews, author interviews, and includes links to author websites and books. The site has a focus on small press titles.

Raw Sistaz Book Club – This group offers a suite of workshops and services for authors, writers and book lovers alike. As a book club, The Raw Sistaz provide an informative newsletter, author interviews and book reviews for African American authors and other great storytellers.

Bookwire.com – An online book site owned by the publishers of Publishers Weekly. They features reprints and bestseller list. Partner sites include The Book Report, Hungry Minds Review, Boston Book Review and others. Bookwire features Authors on the Highway Tour database, where you can send information about any author appearances at bookstores, media interviews, and speaking engagements. Information is available to bookstores and media. For details for submittal, send email to roadtrip@bookwire.com.

In addition Bookwire will pass your book press release to their partner publications and interested outlets. Email your press releases to sizzle@bookwire.com.

The Word Museum Website features reviews, contest, classes, and how to articles in many genres. Submissions are not paid however they offer a byline and bio. Sixty five percent of their fees go to teachers. They are hiring!

Boston Book Review - Published ten times a year, features reviews of fiction, poetry, literary and select non fiction titles. Note: All books reviewed in their publication are sold on their website. Check site for submission guidelines.

Independent Publisher - Any and all subjects are reviewed. Published bimonthly, reviews 125-150 titles per issue. Check submission guidelines at website

Hungry Mind Review - Published by the Hungry Minds Bookstore, the review is distributed to independent bookstores throughout the country. Check guidelines at website.

Small Press Review – Monthly book periodical reviews poetry and literary fiction. Check guidelines at website http://

Travel Books Worldwide – Newsletter reviews 50-60 travel books. Check website for guidelines.

VOYA (Voices of Youth Advocates) - Librarian publication reviews 1,000 young adult books a year. Check website for guidelines.

Romantic Times – Monthly magazine reviews several hundred romance novels and genre fiction. Check website for guidelines.

Feminist Bookstore News – 350 Feminist bookstore owners review books on all feminist topics, from art and children’s books to mysteries and poetry.

Midwest Book Review – Provides reviews of small press titles of all subjects. Check out the website for details.

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Have not found what you are looking for at ArtOfficialMedia.com?

Use the search engine to find exactly what you are looking for.

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blackface book cover

“Captivating, raw and uncensored...”
- The Weekly Press

To protect his mother, teenager Clinton Ray a.k.a. Black must run away from his home. Forced to mingle with the worst elements and conditions of urban life, he meets Face, Penny and Zero. Together they fend for the American Dream.

Inevitably, experience provokes Black to observe his friends, his lifestyle and his own aspirations. In his journey of self-discovery, Black must learn how to survive on the streets of Chicago, alter his life decisions or perish in the confusion of life.

Click here for details

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