Top Urban Films

This list of the top urban films that have influenced our culture and music. Of course, some great flicks were left out.

Special consideration was given to independent films produced by directors. Again, the films were not judged on commercial success but, artistic merit.

Note: This is a work in progress and new influential films will be added as there completed.

Q.B Wells Author of Blackface

Top Urban Films

Menace II Society
Cooley High
New Jack City
Beat Street
Purple Rain
The Streets is Watching
Do the Right Thing
Boyz N the Hood
King of New York
The Warriors
The Godfather
Carlito’s Way
Malcolm X
Dead Presidents
The Usual Suspects
Enter the Dragon
Krush Groove
Above the Rim
Cornbread Earl and Me
Poetic Justice
I’m Bout It
Five Deadly Venoms
Lady Sings the Blues
Jo Jo Dancer
Training Day
Monsters Ball
What’s Love Go to Do With It?
Straight Out of Brooklyn
City of God
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Wiz
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Full Metal Jacket
The Matrix
Set it Off
Coming to America
Donnie Brasco
The Last Dragon
Paid in Full
Pulp Fiction
Deep Cover
Coming to America
The Corner
The Wire
The Mack

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