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blackface book cover

Blackface: A Q.B. Wells Novel
ISBN 0-9768061-0-X
ISBN 0-9768061-1-8

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“Captivating, raw and uncensored...”
- The Weekly Press

To protect his mother, teenager Clinton Ray a.k.a. Black must run away from his home. Forced to mingle with the worst elements and conditions of urban life, he meets Face, Penny and Zero. Together they fend for the American Dream.

Inevitably, experience provokes Black to observe his friends, his lifestyle and his own aspirations. In his journey of self-discovery, Black must learn how to survive on the streets of Chicago, alter his life decisions or perish in the confusion of life.

Evocative, elegantly crafted and fast paced, Blackface challenges the reader and promises to be one engaging read.

Download the Blackface ebook now for just $5.95

No need to wait for the bookstore. Plus, one of every ten customers will get the choice of an autographed copy of the paperback or a signed t-shirt.

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Order an Autographed copy of Blackface in Print for just $15.00 (includes shipping & handling)

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Dirt Bomb CD

Dirt Bomb CD

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Purchase the Dirt Bomb Mixtape for only $10.00 (includes shipping and handling)

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Exclusive features with Styles P, Scarface, Bun B, Z-Ro, Too Short, Tray Mack, P Dub and more …

Listen to what you been missing. For more booking information or for updates on D Bomb's current project and releases, contact Dbomb333@hotmail.com or visit: http://www.DBomb.net.

Dirt Bomb: The Mixtape Vol. 1

1. Tash from tha Liks – intro
2. Dirt Bomb – Drop it like it’s hot (freestyle) – Pharell
3. Dirt Bomb – Dirt Bomb off ya shoulders (freestyle) – Timberland
4. Dirt Bomb – Eye for an Eye (freestyle) – Hi Tek
5. Dirt Bomb – Gang Spirit (freestyle) – Kanye West
6. Dirt Bomb – Authorized Personnel Only (Exclusive) – Rabiez
7. Dirt Bomb – Can’t Understand (freestyle) – Young Jux
8. Dirt Bomb - I like Dat (freestyle) J Duprey
9. Dirt Bomb – Win or Lose (freestyle) Havoc Mobb Deep
10. Dirt Bomb – Philthy Rich fea. Styles P (exclusive) – Rabiez
11. Dirt Bomb – Truth (freestyle) – Kanye West
12. Dirt Bomb – Work it out (exclusive) – Meanwhile
13. Dirt Bomb – Breathe in breathe out (freestyle) – Kanye West
14. Dirt Bomb – Chillin (exclusive)- E Mac
15. Dirt Bomb – Damage is Done (freestyle) – Kanye West
16. Dirt Bomb – Goodies (freestyle) – Lil Jon and Jazzy Phay
17. Dirt Bomb – Talib Kweli unreleased – Kanye West
18. Dirt Bomb – Space Ship (freestyle) –Kanye West
19. Dirt Bomb – Ribs fea. Tray Mac & Rabiez (exclusive) – Malik
20. Dirt Bomb – Long Kiss (freestyle)- RZA
21. Dirt Bomb – Locked up (freestyle) – Akon
22. Dirt Bomb – Been There (exclusive) – P Dub
23. Dirt Bomb – Everyman for Himself (freestyle) – Young Jux
24. Dirt Bomb – Can’t Nobody (freestyle)- Kanye West
25. Dirt Bomb – Smoke Something (exclusive) – Rabiez

Bonus Tracks

26. Dirt Bomb – Bitch Nigga fea. Scarface, Bun B and Z-Ro (exclusive) - Mike Dean
27. Dirt Bomb – Hard Times Remix fea. Aries (exclusive) – Pete a.k.a.
28. Dirt Bomb – Bus Down B.B.D fea. Too Short (exclusive) – P Dub


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